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We’re not the most normal skincare company, that’s quite clear, but we love making fun to use, awesomely natural skincare  products and sharing those products with our friends.  We love loud rock music, tattoos, roaring v-twin engines and concocting natural products to keep us looking as young as we feel.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take making our products and serving our customers very seriously.

Made with Good Stuff

Coconut oil — Every single bar of Sinful Soap includes coconut oil.  We use this oil by the barrel, not only because it helps our soaps produce decadently awesome lather but because studies have shown how effectively it can help to moisturize our skin. Coconut oil, with it’s powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant properties can help to protect our skin from harmful ultra-violet radiation, and work to keep our skin clean and hydrated.

Sinful Ingredients

Danger Will Robinson! Our coffee and vanilla soap uses some of those unconventional ingredients, which include Starbucks coffee and Starbucks vanilla syrup.  These combined with essential oils and a dash of a fragrance oil resulted in Brown Sugar, a fun way to kickstart your heart as you prepare to face the day. Another of our favorite unconventional ingredients is witch hazel. We swap part or all of the water and replace it with this power plant hydrosol.

Got Ink?

canvass-care-logoBlood, pain, money and time combine to make tattoos a significant personal investment.  Not to mention the lifelong commitment of having art permanently adorning your body.  Keep those tattoos looking great for years by taking care of your skin, starting when you first unwrap the bandage and clean it for the very first time.

Tattoo Aftercare

Lavender & Chamomile

dancerLavender and Chamomile combined with Shea and cocoa butter plus goat’s milk.  Perfect for an evening bath before bed.

See The Dancer

Hemp Oil

weed leafSweet Leaf indeed, hemp oil combined with palm, coconut and more, scented with a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus and additional essential oils that just make this soap smell just about perfect given the name I’ve given to it.

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Cold Day in Hell

colddevilShea butter + Mango butter + Cocoa butter + Menthol crystals + Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils

Add it all together, and you get one very cold day in hell.

Ready for a Cold Day?

For Filthy Hands

Powered by coconut oil and palm kernel oil, our motorcycle mechanic’s soap, helps to clean you up after the job is done.  Great naturally awesome soap doesn’t simply keep your skin looking great, and it’s not just for using in the shower or a leisurely bath.  Our mechanics soap was made to help get the grease off of your hands following an oil change.  It comes in handy following some work in the garden or the garage.

Focused on Serving You

100% satisfaction is our only goal.  If you purchase one of our products and find that you don’t like it and won’t use it, for any reason as at all, we will return your money to you or provide you with an alternative product, whichever you’d like.

Wicked Sales

Our Ingredients

Aside from a couple of special creations all of our natural soaps, include a mix of the same base oils, including Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil and Castor Oil.  Our double butter soaps, add to those oils both Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter.  Our super lathery soaps, don’t have 2x the butter but wow does the lather rock.  These soaps drop the butter and swap in Palm Kernel Oil.  Those are our two basic recipes, which are then jazzed up with various colors, essential oils, fragrance oils and clays to create unique soaps.  Any special soaps, which don’t follow one of these recipes is specifically flagged, otherwise look for the double butter or no butter tags based on your preference.

We also whip up a special mechanic’s soap, which is blended to pull the dirt, grime and motor oil from your hands after changing the oil in your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Peppermint Soap is Awesome

Peppermint oh how we love you.  You tingle our skin, delight our nose, and make us happy.

Tattoo Aftercare

Our blend of natural oils and butters created especially for caring for your new ink.

Witch Hazel Soap

One ingredient we love using to make soap is witch hazel.

Lavender Soap

Lavender essential oil is one of our favorites, especially when we mix it with some peppermint.

Featured Naturally Wicked Skincare Products

Here are our currently featured natural bar soaps. These soaps are all handcrafted using only the best ingredients and then cured for at least six weeks. Give your skin a little loving’ this winter by keeping it happy and hydrated.

Ready to get Bubbly?

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About Wickedly Natural Skincare

We’re a small natural skincare company with a bit of a bad attitude. We love our tattoos, we love days spent in the sun, so that means making sure that skin art stays looking great. Keeping the art fresh, means keeping the canvas, our skin, nourished, hydrated and happy, which is how we ended up creating a natural soap company. See there, it’s not as crazy as it seems. I wear protective gear when I ride, to ensure that my skin art doesn’t get scrapped off by slide on the pavement and I pay attention to keeping that canvass in top shape. Skin nourishing soap is one of the keys to doing just that.

Our biggest organ is our skin. Everyday we stand in the shower and open up those pores to clean up for the new day. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not rub unknown chemicals all over my naked body. Which is why I only use soap that I’ve personally formulated and in most cases actually crafted. Now that I actually love making it, testing it and using it. I can’t keep all of this awesome natural soap to myself. I’ve got to share it with you. I’ve given away tons and tons of the stuff, and you just may score a free bar if you jump the line and get your ass subscribed to our newsletter.

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