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Introducing A New Company and My New Life

This site, this company, isn’t a pose, it isn’t a gimmick, it’s me, who I really am, what I really enjoy, what I really listen to, what I really think.  No games, just an authentic person who wants to create great products and have a blast serving customers.  I ride motorcycles, I listen to sometimes quite offensive music, I have tattoos and I’ll be getting more, I believe strongly in individual liberty and I happen to love making freaking awesome soap.  Weird maybe, real, you bet. Moving from bits and bytes to atoms is proving to be rewarding, not financially, yet, but wow, it is exciting to hold something in my hand and know that I made it.  Now to take that effort, knowledge and obsession into being a going concern.  Sure, I’ve got to have a web store, but the evil borg from Mountain View won’t have the power to simply snuff this business out.  I’ll listen to my customers, I’ll work my ass off to offer great products, and I’ll be showing up in lots of places in 2015 to sell my products in person at events.  The web orders will be great, but generally, Google can kiss my ass. Here’s where I’ll share what I learn, the challenges I face and the method I chose to route around those challenges.  Regardless of how the business turns out, I’m all in, and I’m going to enjoy doing it. My mission is to make superb natural skin care products, products that I’m proud to have made, products that I love to use, and bust my ass making my customers happy with their experience. If you click around this site, you might notice that I’m having fun, doing work that I enjoy, creating products that I love to use and share, all while listening to the music that has been the soundtrack of my life.  Stay tuned, it is going to be an wild ride.

Nature is out to get us

One of my goals in formulating the products I provide is to make them as natural as possible. If there is a natural, wholesome and effective alternative, I’ll use it over a chemical created in a lab. When it comes to creating cosmetic products for taking care of...

Save 15% and Fall In Love at First Feel Save 15% on Wickedly Natural Skin Care Just for stopping by this blog posting, you are eligible to receive a 15% discount off of your order.  I’m convinced that once you have a chance...

Old Soul Tattoo

Address: 16 W. Pike Street Canonsburg, PA 15317 Phone: (724)743-0585 Hours: Monday through Saturday 12:00pm-9:00pm   Old Soul Tattoo is a shop close to home.  I’ve...

Bath Time – Inked legs and bubbles

Take a look at this collection of nine different sets of legs enjoying a relaxing time in the tub. What I love about tattoos is how they allow us to express our individuality. Each of these women has their own unique sense of self and they’ve chosen to express part of themselves by the images they selected to be rendered on their legs.

Six Skin Care Tips

If you’ve got tattoos, you’ve got to keep your skin healthy to keep them looking great for years.  Take care of that canvass and the art will take care of itself.  Here are six skin care tips to help you to do just that.  You paid gold and blood to have...


Sultan of Suds

Yes, I am a tad touched in the head, but not totally crazy.

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Now’s the time to stand tall Start your life anew Freedom lies in your heart Now’s the time for you

Dee Snyder

Yeah, I am one ugly woman

Two Wheels are Better than Four

I love riding motorcycles, sure there is danger, but you know what?  The only thing we know is that we will all die, if I die doing something I love at least I go with a smile.

Reborn XR1200

The Stable

Pre-crash XR1200

Crashed XR1200

Rebuilding the XR

Head Banging from the 80s till the day I die


Ticket Stubs


Maiden and Priest

Motley Crue

Twisted Sister

Yeah, i've got a little ink

Leg Ink

Marcus Tullius Cicero writing during the final stages of the Roman Republic greatly influenced the  thought leaders of the eighteenth century enlightenment that ultimately gave birth to the United States of America.  Julius Ceaser may have more fame, but Cicero’s thoughts are still impacting our lives today.  Too bad he got on Mark Antony’s bad side…

Latin on the bottom of Cicero’s bust is “Summum ius summa iniuria.”  Which in English is more law, less justice.

Right Arm Ink

I believe in individuals, and individual rights.  Each of us should be able to live our lives as we choose, as long as those choices don’t cause harm to others.  Period.  Crazy hu?

Asylum Tattoo

Daytona Beach

Nice Ink!

Canonsburg Pennsylvania

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